About us

Dialog & democracy are the basis for peaceful and pluralist societies

Democracy is the social and political exercise of modesty. Democrats are modest. They admit that they don't know everything and that they need to consult others.

Albert Camus

The Association for Democracy and Dialog is an international network for the strengthening of democratic dialog. We want to promote respectful, inclusive debates and mutual understanding in all fields of life. Therefore, we organize and offer different events, lectures, workshops, discussions, trainings and studies.

Democracy is not only the best form of government for nation states, but also the best form of organization in our daily institutions and social interactions. It is based on equal participation and inclusive debate.

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Public participation is necessary for the existence of a democratic society.

Carole Pateman

Democracy is both, a form of government and a form of life, in which power is equally distrubuted and in which every member has the right to discuss and to co-decide. The first and fundamental right consists in the resistance, self-defence and rebellion against authoritarianism and oppression. Then, democratic principles include the readiness to listen to others and to get in dialog. The readiness to listen to others and to discuss different opinions, is a fundamental precondition for democracy.

Salzburg Democracy Talks

One of our activities are the Salzburg Democracy Talks. They start in 2023 and include a number of events dealing with democracy and dialog. We organize workshops in schools and in adult education, lectures, discussions, online seminars and cooperate with different experienced partners.